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What is the name of the rare mini-bestie?
  • Samira S'more
  • Pamela Prawn
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  • All about Tiana's Smooshy Mushy Party! All about Tiana's Smooshy Mushy Party!

    All about Tiana's Smooshy Mushy Party!

    All about Tiana's Smooshy Mushy Party!

    Tiana from Toys andMe is having a super special Smooshy Mushy Bestie party at a secret location near to Burton on Trent on the 10th February 2018... and you can be one of the lucky guests!

    At the party, you and just a handful of other winning guests will have the chance to become Besties with Tiana at this fun-packed party with face-painting, games, special gifts and more! If you win, you will also receive a ticket for your best friend to come along and join in the Smooshy Mushy fun too.

    Simply watch the video on this site and answer the question to be in with a chance!

  • Meet the Smooshy Mushy Characters! Meet the Smooshy Mushy Characters!

    Meet the Smooshy Mushy Characters!

    Meet the Smooshy Mushy Characters!

    Smooshy Mushy Series 1 has lots of super squishy characters that can't wait to meet you! Click on the links below to meet them!

    Smooshy Mushy Pets Poster

    Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights Poster

    Smooshy Mushy Bentos Poster

  • Check out the Smooshy Mushy range! Check out the Smooshy Mushy range!

    Check out the Smooshy Mushy range!

    Check out the Smooshy Mushy range!

    Smooshy Mushy is the newest collectible craze, full of exciting, super S-Q-U-I-S-H-Y, slow-rise surprises!

    Smooshy Mushy Besties - RRP £2.99

    Each Smooshy Mushy Besties blind bag includes a super sweet squishy Bestie, a collectible poster and a game. Collect all 13 characters in Wave 1 and look out for the ultra-rare Samira S'more!

    Smooshy Mushy Pets - RRP £9.99

    Unwrap your Smooshy Mushy Pet container to find out which scented Smooshy Mushy squish pops out from the inside! Keep searching to find out which tiny squishy "Bestie" is your pet's BFF. The set also comes with a hilarious "what's your smooshy name?" game, a nametag, mini container, awesome stickers and a collectible poster! Series 1 has 8 to collect!

    Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights - RRP £9.99

    Unwrap your Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights bottle to find out which unique, scented Smooshy Mushy Pet and Bestie you've collected! Keep searching Smooshy Mushy fans, each Frozen Delight includes a matching, easy-to-make and tasty frozen delight recipe to share with friends and family, a tiny smoothie bottle, sweet stickers and a collectible poster. Series 1 has 4 to collect!

    Smooshy Mushy Bento Boxes - RRP £16.99

    Smooshy Mushy Bento Boxes mix all the squish and your favourite foods from around the world, into an awesome portable container.

    Unwrap the box to find a tasty, squish surprise! Available in yummy food themes like the Extra Cheesy Foxy Taco and Oooey Gooey Pizza, every Bento Box includes a Smooshy Mushy Pet, two super squishy Besties, a tiny sweet drink container, the "Find your Smooshy name" game and stickers! Collect all 3!

  • Where to buy! Where to buy!

    Where to buy!

    Where to buy!

    You can find Smooshy Mushy pets and besties on sale at the below toy shops:


    The Entertainer

    Smyths Toy Superstores





Terms & Conditions

All event ticket requests must be made through the website; please select your answer from the multiple choice given and supply your name, age, parent's email address, availability and reason for wanting to attend. All entries must be received before the closing date of the 31st January 2018 at 11.59pm. Entries after this date will not be allowed. Only one entry per person is permitted. Entries are allowed by all persons resident in the UK and Ireland but if aged under 16, parental permission must be gained.

The tickets to the event will be allocated after the closing date and the attendees notified within 2 days.

The Event

5 entrants and their besties (their best friend) will be chosen to attend the Smooshy Mushy Party in Staffordshire on the 10th February, late afternoon. To be considered, you must be available on this date and have a parent or guardian available to bring you to the event. Only 2 child tickets and 1 adult entry ticket will be given to each winner. Places are limited and entering the draw does not guarantee you will be chosen. No travel expenses will be provided for the winners.

No purchase is necessary. The event time and location is as stated and no alternative will be offered and no further correspondence will be entered into. Evolution PR on behalf of Bandai confirms that it will not use you name and contact details other than for the purpose of notifying winners and it will not disclose your date to any thirs parties under any circumstances whatsoever. Failure to claim your ticket within 3 days of being contacted will result in the ticket being given to another entrant.